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Center Pivot irrigation products Geist Plastics


Center Pivot Irrigation Accessories

Superior Quality Pivot Products

  • Top quality plastic materials
  • Clean threading and matched fit
  • Super strong UV inhibitors for long life
  • Designed for corrosive conditions and severe weather
  • All production and secondary operations completed in-house
  • Rigorous testing and quality standards

Geist Plastics specializes in providing:

  • Multiple stocked configurations
  • Custom designs, materials, sizes and lengths
  • In-house engineering and design capabilities
  • Short lead times
  • 100% guaranteed - two year product warranty

Drop Pipes

Drop Pipes

Multiple Materials and Configurations Add to Your Bottom Line

  • Low Density Polyethylene
  • Medium Density Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC
  • Multiple banding options
  • 'Combo' Drops with hose available
  • Exceptional performance in corrosive conditions and severe weather

Drop Pipes

Click Here to Enlarge Low Density Polyethylene Drop Pipe Chart

Click Here to Enlarge Medium Density Polyethylene Drop Pipe Chart

Click Here to Enlarge Polypropylene "Snap Back" Drop Pipe Chart

Click Here to Enlarge PVC Drop Pipe Chart

Hose Weights

Hose Weights

Our Polyethylene Weights are Nearly Indestructible

  • Proper hose length and spacing are critical for efficient water application
  • Our weights help your customers maintain optimum height above ground
  • Keeps hoses hanging straight
  • Completely reliable thread and slip configurations

Hose Weights

Drive Shaft Shields & U Joint Covers

Drive Shaft Shields and "U" Joint Covers

Top Quality, Safe and Reliable Drive Shaft Covers and Bells

  • Increase your customer loyalty by adding their logo on 'U' joint bells
  • Multiple tube diameter options give you flexibility in aftermarket sales
  • Custom Drive Shaft Shield lengths gives you additional 'value-add' for new designs
  • Keeps drive trains clean and farmers safe from accidental entanglement

Drive Shaft Shields and

Click Here to Enlarge High Density Polyethylene Drive Shaft Shields and Bells Chart

PVC U Pipes & Hose Weights

PVC "U" Pipes and Hose Weights

Multiple Options Give You More Ways to Serve Your Customers

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  • Perfect matched fit guaranteed
  • Clean threads
  • Stainless steel inserts to reinforce thread areas
  • Excellent in corrosive water environments

PVC U Pipes and Hose Weights

Click Here to Enlarge U-Joint Covers and Threaded and Slip Weights Chart

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Geist Plastics is an ISO 9001 Certified custom plastic profile extrusion manufacturer in Lincoln, NE providing a range of materials and services to fit your needs.

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